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Cheap Car Rental? Three Tips For Low Cost Car Hire

1. Compare. Probably the easiest way to say money on your rental car is to compare prices. Rates with most suppliers depend not just on car make and model but also on availability. That’s why it’s worth checking which brands still have plenty vehicles available and lower prices as a result. At Car Hire Search we compare several car rental providers throughout New Zealand, on the both the North and South Islands helping you find the cheapest rental cars in Aotearoa.

2. Smaller is cheaper. If you’re travelling with a family you’ve got a good reason to get a big car. If you’re on your own or with one other person thourgh you can easily save by getting smaller though. It’s worth thinking this one through as car size is the largest factor influencing rental price.

3. Save on insurance. An expensive part of your rental can be reducing your excess insurance – that’s especially the case if you buy the excess insurance at the car rental desk. Instead, organise everything before your trip for example by bundling it into your travel insurance.

Popular Car Rental Locations

Whether you’re arriving in New Zealand at Auckland Airport or in Queenstown, we’ll have a vehicle for you. Click below on the appropriate NZ or other overseas location to start your car hire booking process.

Popular One-Way Routes

You don’t have to return your four wheels to the same place you picked it up from. Check out these popular one way routes around New Zealand and book a flexible car rental arrangement that suits you and your holiday plans!

Other one way routes:

Photo (top of page) of Great Ocean Road: Larry W. Lo