Auckland Attractions: A Quick Guide

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Photo Credits: Kaka Parrots at Auckland Zoo: Small; Hippopotamus: Jason Milich; Auckland Museum: Siyamalan; Tile Women: Tine Steiss; Parnell Village sign: Elmastudio; One Tree Hill: Kesara Rathnayake; Regal Queen Angelfish: Laszlo Ilyes; Sky Tower:; Tram at MOTAT: Angela Bethell; Maritime Museum exposition: Alex Indigo; Mount Eden: Christian Michel; Northern gannets: Andrea Schaffer; Lily: Nita; Telescope: Ryan Wick; Floribunda rose: T. Kiya; Viaduct Harbour: Lynda; Grazing lamb: Tambako The Jaguar; Tawharanui Park: Nick Allen; The Goat Coast: Alex Schwab.