One Way Car Hire Perth to Geraldton


Compare Rental Cars Around Western Australia

Are you going on a one way drive from Perth to Geraldton and need a rental car? Use our easy to use search tool to compare one-way rentals from Australia’s leading brands – at a low price, with no cancellation or booking fees. Pick up your rental car at Perth Airport or at a depot in the city and drop it off in Geraldton. Zoom away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Distance

Q: How long is the drive from Perth to Geraldton?
A:It’s about 430 kms from Perth to Geraldton which usually means nearly 5 hours of driving time alone. Plan extra to have time for stops and or unfavourable driving conditions.

Minivans & Other Large Vehicles

Q: Can I get a minivan for my trip?
A:Yes, minivans of various shapes, types and sizes are available, however 8-seaters and other larger vehicles can be in short supply especially around holiday seasons. To get what you want make sure to book early.

Photo (top of page): Larry W. Lo